“Can you see anything?" he asked quietly.
“If I could see anything I would have told you by now.”
“Well, you’ve been sitting up there for so long I was beginning to think you had made it your new home.”
She raised one of her eyebrows and slightly grinned. “I must admit, the view from here is really nice.”

Joseph & The Raspberry Fox’s conversation as she sits on his head while waiting for a bird to appear.

“Joseph arrived at a lake in between the mountains. He saw a beautiful shape, unlike any he’s ever seen. Rather than oblong or kidney-like, it was shaped almost like a clover. He found it a curious sight, but took it in with pleasure all the same. The trees on the sides were orange from the autumn cold, a stunning sight to see contrasting against the blues of the lake below and sky above.”
“Joseph pulled open the latches on his briefcase, looked around, then picked up the golden opera glasses. He remembered watching a film where someone hid behind a tree to listen in on a conversation and thought it wise to do the same when looking in on one.”